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-Experts in special Hemerocallis-
These are the 'original' species from which al todays modern hybrids have been derived. These plants still grow wild across Asia today.
They are altogether more informal and naturalistic in appearance, and no less beautiful, especially when planted in generous clumps or swathes.
These species Hemerocallis are ideal for wild gardens, more informal effects and prairie planting.

Growth specifics quoted for individual species are intended as a quide and can vary with soil/climate.
hem flava
£0.00 - £3.50
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus £3.50
Common name Lemon Lily.
Found growing wild across China but also Italy and beyond, the graceful foliage clumps reaching 30" and the flower stems rising several inches above that. Each stem bears between 3-9 sweet scented tubular lemon yellow flowers in July. A beautiful species and very hardy.
Syn Hemerocallis flava.
hem altissima
£0.00 - £4.00
Hemerocallis altissima £4
Hemerocallis altissima is a very tall spcies which grows in the Mountains of South-West China. It's flower stems can be over 200cm's long, branched like a little tree at their upper length. The long delicately formed flowers are a soft saffron yellow and quite deliciously scented.
Bloom season is variable, but usually quite late, infact this species is still used in breeding new varieties today, with the goal of introducing more late flowering hybrids onto the markiet. In the garden Hemerocallis altissima can flower at any time from mid July through September. Seldom seen in cultivation.
Flower scape height 70"+
Bloom season late
Plant 20" apart.
hem citrina
Hemerocallis citrina £3.50
Hemerocallis citrina is known as the Citron or Long Yellow Daylily. Its sweet scent is pure honeysuckle and especially strong in the evening.
A vigorous species, Hemerocallis citrina can bear flower stems in excess of 40" in height, the long lily-shaped pale lemon flowers appear in early summer. Usually bears masses of flowers which begin to open in the late afternoon, remaining open for your evening viewing pleasure!
Flower scape height 45"
Bloom season Early
Dormant  foliage.
1 plant - £3.50
hem dumortieri
Hemerocallis dumortieri £3.50
Hemerocallis dumortieri is a lovely compact species and very early flowering making it one of the most valuable of the species hemerocallis for garden inclusion.
It's richly golden yellow glistening bronze backed flowers often appear before all the other Daylilies in the garden. Easily grown.
Flower scapes 22" high
Bloom season Early
Dormant foliage.
1 plant - £3.50
hem fulva plena
£0.00 - £3.00
Hemerocallis fulva flore plena £3
Hemerocallis fulva flore pleno is quite simply a double form of the original wild fulfous Daylily.
This is a vigorous grower capable of forming substantial clumps. It can be most effective where it has the room to shine and it's relatively large shaggy double flowers are a warm and joyous rustic orange with a scarlet eye.
Flower season early.
Flower scapes 24" high
Plant 30" apart.
hem multiflora
Hemerocallis multiflora £4
Hemerocallis multiflora hails from [surprise] China and has graceful arching leaves which turn to rustic golden brown autumn and winter shades which can in itself be quite a feature.
The wand like stems are bedecked in chrome yellow flowers, reverse shaded bronze. Very late flowering, in August and a useful season extending Lily.
Flower stems 20" high
Bloom season late
Plant 18" apart.
1 plant - £4.00
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